True Soul

Colin Law of True Soul


Store and sell your unwanted records.

To become a member of this site there is a yearly subscription fee, this is a small contribution towards the up keep of the site and for storing your records.


Members can add as many records as they like where they will be stored until sold.  Easy step-by-step uploads with your own unique sellers name where you can edit and manage your own entries.

  • Buyers can search by sellers name to view their stock
  • No monthly sales fees (which on most sites can be 8% of the sale price)
  • Each member has total control of their record sales
  • Buyers make direct contact via email
  • Sales pages totally open to non-members to browse and buy

We all lead a busy life, so once you upload your records, sit back and relax and wait for the sales to flood in!


2 years in the making I have worked tirelessly to make the valuation site as up to date and as real time valuations as possible at this moment in time.  There are 24,500 entries and building to help you buy or sell your records.

This is a fantastic tool which you can download onto your mobile phone and/or your home computers/iPad etc, on the go and in the palm of your hand…..get subscribing!